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Kraft Paper Production Line

Kraft Paper Production Line
Kraft Paper Production Line
Kraft Paper Production Line
Kraft Paper Production Line

Kraft paper making machine, also called testline paper machine is to produce kraft paper. With large capacity, lower energy consumption, superior quality, and the most competitive price, our kraft paper making line enjoys the good command and admission of our customers. Kraft liner paper machine use waste paper, white shavings, virgin pulp as material to make high-quality Kraft paper board. Finished products can be made paper roll. If you are interested in our products, welcome to our company, you can also consult via telephone or mail to us. Email: info@d-papermachine.com


Open/Air cushion/Hydraulic/Diluted water/Jet type headbox

2.Wire part

Wire part classification: single layer/multi-layer fourdrinier part, cylinder

3.Press part

Double/Multi-roller press, its function is to maintain a certain tension and moisture in the base paper during finishing and dehydration, so that the paper is not easy to break and crack when entering the drying section.

4. Drying part

The dryer section of the paper machine is composed of a DCS thermal control system single-cylinder or multi-cylinder dryer section, a GCS steam condensate system, a closed air hood and a heat exchange ventilation system.

5. Calender + Reeling machine

6.Auxiliary and control system

Paper machine chemical system + DCS control system + GCS multi-stage gas supply system + QCS paper detection system + MCS drive control system


Upper-leading/lower-leading rewinding machine

Technical parameters of art paper and coated white board paper  production line
Raw material Waste paper, OCC, Commercial wood pulp
Paper kind High strength/common , fluting/kraft paper
Paper width 1880-6800 mm
grammage range(GSM) 75-200 g/m2
Design speed 150-850 m/min
Working speed 100-800 m/min
Capacity 50-400 T/D
Transmission type AC motor, frequency conversion drive
Arrange type Single/Double layer arrange

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