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Kitchen Paper Rewinder Machine

Kitchen Paper Rewinder Machine

Kitchen Paper Rewinding Machine (Automatic Gluing (Color Glue) Kitchen Paper Rewinding And Punching Machine)

Fully Automatic Kitchen Paper Rewinder Machine Technical Parameter

Machine Type1092/1575/1760/2200/2500/2800/3000/3200/3500
Width (Mm)1300/1800/2000/2200/2500/2800/3000/3200/3500
Finished Diameter (Mm)φ90~150 (Adjustable Tightness)
Finished Paper Core Inner Diameter (Mm)φ30~50mm
Base Paper Diameterφ1200 (Please Specify Other Specifications)
Inner Diameter Of Base Paper Core3″, 76.2mm (Please Specify Other Specifications)
Punching Pitch (Mm)4 Knives, 90~160mm; 2 Knives, 180~320mm
Production Speed150~180m/Min
Parameter SettingTouch Screen Multi-Screen Man-Machine Interface Operating System
Programming ControllerPlc Computer Programming
Power7.5~25kw, 380v. 60hz
Dimensions10*(3-3.5)*2 m
Machine WeightAbout 6000~10000kg
OptionsTo Order
EmbossingSingle Embossing, Double-Sided Embossing, Steel-To-Steel Embossing
Embossing Bottom RollWool Roller, Rubber Roller
Original Paper Holder1-3 Layers
Print1-2 Colors To Be Ordered
EmbossingTo Order
Kitchen PaperPoint-To-Point Embossing And Gluing Compound System, And Point-To-Flat Embossing And Gluing Compound System (To Be Ordered)
CalenderingSteel To Steel, Steel To Glue
Remote Communication Service SystemTo Order
Kitchen Paper Rewinding Machine

Fully Automatic Kitchen Paper Rewinder Machine Features

1. Three-layer horizontal unwinder, pneumatic feeding, pneumatic wide belt feeding, each roll of base paper has an independent tension adjustment device.

Gluing and compounding: When producing kitchen paper, the system applies the embossed convex surface. The ZSFJ-A automatic kitchen paper rewinder adopts the latest gluing and conforming system to make the gluing evenly adapted, and is equipped with international advanced It has advanced PLC computer technology, frequency conversion speed regulation, electronic brakes, and is equipped with a touch-type multi-screen large-screen human-machine interface operating system. It has independently developed a remote communication service system, which can monitor the operation of the machinery at any time, greatly improving production efficiency.

1. Fully automatic pipe replacement device, no need to manually thread the pipe. After the rewinding is completed, the finished product is automatically sent out, and the rewinding is immediately reset. The pipe of any specification can be adjusted at will within one minute.

2. Automatic feeding system after rewinding and forming. The patented technology of mechanical arm pushing material can be used to send out the finished product smoothly. The minimum pushing diameter is 60mm.

3. Automatic trimming, gluing, and sealing are completed simultaneously at one time, realizing the foreign popular trimming and sticking technology. The finished product has a paper tail of 10-18m, which is convenient to use and reduces the loss of the paper tail during the production of ordinary rewinding machines. Reduce product cost.

4. Using advanced programming technology, the finished product can achieve multi-level different tightness during the rewinding process, and solve the problem of loose paper core due to long-term storage of the finished product.

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